Cupbliss Safehouse Foundation


No child should be exploited or abused. In any way. Therefore, with the Cupbliss Safehouse Foundation, we want to free and save children who are sexually exploited. We want to provide them a safe home, love and education. Child prostitution must stop.


The liberation and shelter of children who are sexually exploited anywhere in the world. Financing shelters to help these children to have a better life, provide education and teach them how to survive on their own as soon as they reach maturity.

Collaborate with existing charities, who have the same mission worldwide to free the children. Cupbliss gives half of the profits to charities. The goal behind Cupbliss has always been to start a foundation to free children from prostitution. On 23/11/2016 we have been able to realize this. We are very grateful for this. We hope to help many children in the upcoming years, due to our sales of the Cupbliss cups.

Cupbliss geeft de helft van de winst aan goede doelen. Het doel achter Cupbliss is altijd geweest om zodra het mogelijk was een eigen stichting op te zetten om kinderen uit de prostitutie te bevrijden. Op 23/11/2016 hebben we dit kunnen realiseren. We zijn hier heel dankbaar voor. We hopen heel veel kinderen te kunnen helpen de komende jaren, dankzij uw afname van de Cupbliss cups!

Do you want to support our foundation and make a gift without ordering our cups? This is our account number:

Cupbliss Safehouse Foundation.

For further questions, please contact us. Thank you!

Foundation Cupbliss Safehouse Foundation has an ANBI status.


Chairman: Rintske Bosma

Treasurer: Jeroen Posthumus

Secretary: Fabiana Mazzacani


Chamber of Commerce: 67333400